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Jeil Escalator Co., Ltd. is a professional escalator company that installs and maintains escalator, and sells related parts.

In accordance with the Elevator and escalator Safety Management Act, which has been in force since March 2019, the installation of a reverse driving prevention device has become mandatory. And our company succeeded in developing a reverse driving prevention device with the safety first.

We will continue to grow as an escalator company that considers customer satisfaction and passenger safety as our top priority. If you completely entrust the installation of your escalator reverse driving prevention device, you will always be confident in your passenger safety.

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      JEIL Escalator Co., Ltd

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      Korea, South

1. If the drive chain or the drive gear is damaged on the escalator or moving walk and the engine rotates backward or speeds over the set speed (120%), it detects it and stops the escalator safely.

2. Control the range of floor height single torque for the first time in Korea. It is a device that can safely stop the escalator even when a reverse rotation accident occurs with only the smallest number of people on the escalator.

3. 100% bolt assembly without welding, there is no risk of fire, and it does not invade the machine room space, so it is easy to maintain the escalator.