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Company Introduction

Founded in January 1995 with the energy of red sunshine, our company has been one step ahead in contributing to the creation of value for our customers and has been growing together with our customers while doing research and development for our role as a successful business partner.

We have been supplying high-quality products for over 20 years since we started contracting with global companies such as Mitsubishi and Toshiba with the belief that we will survive and develop with our mainstay of export in the early stage of establishment. Based on accumulated technology from world-class global companies in terms of quality and technology, it has become a part company that plays an important role in the Korean elevator industry

In order to overcome the limitations of the Korean market, we established the first Korean elevator parts company in Vietnam in 2010 to supply our high quality parts to the local elevator company in Vietnam to notify the quality of Korea and contribute to the acquisition of foreign currency

We will do our best to advance our customers´ needs through constant change, reform, research and development with the belief that customer success is our success

We deeply appreciate your attention on your company and our products in advance.

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Safety Parts for Elevator(Part for certificate)
1. traction Machine: MCK / MONA series
2. Safety Plank: 3.9ton / 6ton / 12ton
3. Governor Machine: ?240, ?305, ?310(speed 0.5~4.0M/S) Pull-Through tension force: 100 / 140 / 600kgf
4. Guide shoe - Casting Rigid Type, Casting swivel type, Iron board fix type, 8/13/18/24/30/37K
5. Guide roller(8/13/18K)
6. Rope Socket(Wedge Type, Connecting Type, Forging Type ?6/?8/?10/?12/?14/?16)
7. Light curtain(Multi beam)
8. Electronic type interlock