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Company Introduction

M2MTech Co., Ltd. is a smart convergence company that provides more value than customers expect through smart M2M / IoT technology and services. We are working on projects including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, data analysis processing, and the cloud. We also work with national public institutions and International Organizations for standardization and research and development of technologies

M2MTech´s ELSA solution is a smart remote care preservation system that can be applied not only to in-building moving facilities such as lifts, escalators, and moving walks but also to other industrial facilities such as smart logistics and parking towers. It provides a high-quality, secure Internet of Things service environment with the latest international IoT standards, including communication and security between nodes, and web security standards through an intelligent IoT gateway (the first product in Korea, that is certified to meet all of the CoAP TTA verification criteria.) that connects local sites and cloud centers.

The ELSA solution is
● Fast and accurate fault detection
● 24/7/365 Pre-inspection
● PC-mobile Web/App
● AI
● Remote control/diagnosis
● Statistics and reports
● Recording and management
● Reasonable price based on usage and business size.

Exhibits Information

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    • Principal Info

      M2MTech Co., Ltd

    • Country

      Korea, South

ELSA IoT Gateway™ is a manufacturer/vendor-independent intelligent IoT device that connects the core devices and sensors (Things) and mobile devices of various facilities in the field with the cloud center with IT and OT data collection equipment.
● Connectivity
?Easily connect to data by IoT Stack
● Security / Stability
?data encryption /security experts
?Bridge / Ext for Legacy Connections
?Open platforms
?Compliance with international IoT standards
ELSA.Edge™ is a technology that receives and analyzes big data under strong security without forgery and falsification using edge computing. It is an integrated and open IoT platform designed to transmit data at high speed so that you can use the service on any mobile device anytime, anywhere.
●IoT/AI framework
?Data analysis and AI learning
?Protocol adapter, data bus, modern web/app
?Node authentication, authority management, SW distribution function
?Billing according to usage
?Server expansion
?Anytime, anywhere access
?Secure Browser-based data access
?Private PaaS Platform
ELSA.Cloud SaaS™is a responsive web/app service that can be accessed from any device internet access, providing real-time status check and remote workflow monitoring, statistical reporting with efficient UX/UI.