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Since its establishment in 2009, Jeil Steel has been supplying high-quality products to elevator manufacturers by developing economical VCM products that embody the new concept of real stainless steel exterior.
We are conducting various R&D projects with elevator manufacturers and continuously developing new surface materials for elevators.
We are growing into a leading company in elevator materials by securing a spirit of challenge and responsibility for new technologies and future growth engines.
We are doing our best to realize customer satisfaction by developing and supplying new products with future value through the launch of a global brand. Thank you.

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      Korea, South

Tisteel(Artmetal) : Innovative composite metal with Hairline, 3S Vibration, and Bead Blast textures, It is lighter than steel and has excellent dustproof and soundproofing. It´s a new material that realized the best interior function in the elevator.

Tiglass : It is a finishing material for elevators using tempered glass, which is not only a design but also a strong product. It can be applied to elevator cabin walls, cabin doors, hall doors, fire doors, etc.

Detachable Panel : Various materials such as reinforced glass materials, acrylic materials, wood materials, steel materials, etc. can be installed to suit the customer´s needs, and can be easily replaced when damage or remodeling is required. We are patenting the technology related to this.