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Company Introduction

● Anytech was founded in 2006. Anytech Co., Ltd. is located in Anyang(office), Suwon(factory), Gyeonggi-do, as a specialized company in the field of railway vehicle parts manufacturing and environmental improvement technology, and has a Busan branch.

● Our company participated in many National R&D projects and completed product development based on technology to remove fine dust(2.5PM) and viruses(COVID-19, etc) in closed, close, and dense spaces. Currently, we are supplying air purifiers applied to elevators.

● We have a variety of product lines and technologies to improve the environment for railway vehicles and facilities. In particular, we have the delivery record of air quality improvement devices for railway vehicles.

● In 2020, it was selected as one of the ‘Green New Deal 100 companies’ and is recognized as a company with technology to respond to COVID-19.

Exhibits Information

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      Korea, South

-Air purifier for elevators
The air purifier for elevators developed by Anitech Co., Ltd. is equipped with a UVC sterilizer and a hepa filter to remove fine dust floating in the elevator space and sterilize germs and viruses. An air purifier that can be sterilized prevents interlayer infections where infections spread through elevators.
-Smartgate Shelter
A smart gate developed by Anitech Co., Ltd. is installed at the main entrance of the building and acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor spaces. Winds away fine dust and viruses that may flow in with visitors and keeps the inside of the gate clean and sterilized, preventing the inflow of external pollutants when entering and leaving. This gate is essential for 3-mill facilities (tightening, sealing, close-up) and can secure public health and safety through germ and virus sterilization through fine dust removal using hepa filters and UV-C sterilization technology. It provides more effective, safe and specialized virus care solutions through UV-C technology, not chemicals, through smartgates.
-Portable sterilizer