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HANSON LIFT Introduction
Located in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China
1. Capital: 50 million RMB (9 billion won)
2. Factory area: 33500 square meters of land, 30000 square meters of dry surface
3. Production Capacity: 2000 Escalators and Moving Walks a Year
4. 1000 production performance escalators in 2020
5. Export to Korea: about 2,500 units (2011-2021, 10 years), Seoul Metro, Busan Subway, Daegu Subway, Incheon Subway, Bundang Line, Shinbundang Line, Sosawon Line, Seoknam Line, Jinjup Line, KORAIL, Wongang Line, Incheon International Airport, etc.
6. KC certification: Acquisition of less than 6 m, acquisition of 6-18 m, acquisition of 18-22 m
7. Model Certification: 3 Escalator Models
8. Component safety certification: step, pallet, stepchain, drivechain, control panel, etc.

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      Hanson Lift (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

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The HANSON EME-type escalator series is a new concept of escalator relocating structural space through optimized precise design and lean production.
HANSON EME-type escalators reduced the overall width of the escalator to 4.5m floor height and 1.4m step width, narrowing 130mm from the typical escalator width, reducing the horizontal projection area by 1.5sqm.
Therefore, it allows the owners and customers to have more use area and walking space.
The new EME-embedded escalator is a newly designed product for the remodeling of escalators.
By adopting a special arrangement method between truss strings, it is designed to separate the upper and lower machine rooms, the upper forward end, the lower forward end, and the middle multi-stage by applying a narrower truss.
After demolishing all parts of the existing escalator, the truss surface treatment is maintained, and each section of the EME new escalator is accurately inserted into the existing structure, making the remodeling of the escalator more complete and faster.
As a result, we have achieved a new beginning of escalator remodeling.
Thank you.