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Since its establishment in 2015, this convenient automation technology has been launched in 2017 through a number of development cooperation projects, including investment-related corporate growth R&D support projects selected by the Korea Industrial Technology Promotion Association, startup growth R&D, and technology-related commercialization projects in R&D. We developed an object recognition system and released SAFE EYE, a heavy-duty human collision prevention device, in 2018, and registered it as a support item for large-sized companies such as Samsung and Hyundai in Korea and a financial support project for the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency. In addition, it won the 3rd Safety New Technology Competition hosted by the Ulsan Creative Economy Innovation Center and the Industrial Safety and Health Agency in 2020.
We are striving to develop industrial accident prevention products, collision accident prevention, cutting accident prevention, and construction site accident prevention products through human body recognition.

SAFE EYE is a technology that allows computers with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to classify objects like the brain of a human being, and recognizes only the human body around the vehicle equipped with the product to warn drive

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      E-comfy automation Technology

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