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Company Introduction

Company Name
HPNRT : Happy People And Relationship Technology
Foundation statement
All humans are born to be happy. Our company has not only dedicated to technology but also develop the products to make the other people happy together through craftsmanship based on between human and technology of human relation. Company pursues inaction business(“无???”wuwei j?ngying) as a company ideology of management. It means not that do not work anything, but work balanced and go along with harmoniously like nature.
Company address
- President : Song, Jong Tae(宋鍾台)
- Date of foundation : Oct. 1, 2001
- Main Products : All accessory parts of lift and S/W development
- Head office : Megavally #105, 268 Hagyi-Ro, Dongan-Gu, Gyeonggi
- R&D Center : Megavally #605-1, 268Hagyi-Ro, Dongan-Gu, Gyeonggi
Company Slogan
Freely to thinking, enjoy doing, the company must be done

Exhibits Information

    • Principal Info

      HPNRT CO., LTD.

    • Country

      Korea, South

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